Focus news 2006-12-03

Permanent Link to Chinese Hospitals Advertising More Organs Before February

INVESTIGATOR: Belgian Senator Patrik Vankrunkelsven from the Flemish Liberal Party announced this week that he recently conducted his own investigation of organ harvesting in China and was urged by hospital staff to come for an operation before February when supplies would decrease. (Yves Dumas/Epoch Times)

Belgian Senator Carries Out Own Investigation
By Yves Dumas
Epoch Times Belgium Staff Dec 02, 2006
A Belgian Senator from the Flemish Liberal Party recently carried out his own investigation into organ transplants in China and found that hospitals are urging patients to come before February when organ supplies will decrease.

Senator Patrik Vankrunkelsven says he called two hospitals in Beijing in mid-November and presented himself as a patient in need of a kidney transplant. He says he was invited to come for the operation and was told that the waiting time would be only a few weeks.


Mr. Cao Dong Secretly Taken to Gansu Province After Being Arrested Due to His Meeting with European Parliament Vice-President

( Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Cao Dong from Beijing was arrested by State Security Agents on May 21, 2006 immediately after meeting with Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Parliament. Mr. McMillan-Scott had come to Beijing to investigate the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong. Mr. Cao Dong testified that Falun Dafa practitioners were being cruelly tortured. By the end of September 2006, CCP officials secretly took Mr. Cao Dong to Gansu Province and detained him in the Gansu Province State Security Division Detention Center located in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.

Because the CCP intensified the mistreatment of Cao Dong, Mr. McMillan-Scott wrote to the Chinese EU Ambassador, Guan Chengyuan, and urged him to immediately release Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Cao Dong as well as human rights lawyer Mr. Gao Zhisheng.

Below, we expose relevant information about Mr. Cao Dong being secretly taken to Gansu. We hope that the international society and kind-hearted people will express their concern for Mr. Cao and for all detained Falun Dafa practitioners, to help stop the persecution.

1. Arrest Warrant Issued after Cao Dong Was Detained for Four Months


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