Ongoing Investigation of Organ Harvesting in China Yields Ominous Evidence


Investigation Lead: A Beijing Hospital Takes One Week to Obtain Liver and Heart Donor

A woman in her 60s from the Saertu District of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, received a liver and heart transplant in a Beijing hospital in 2010. The donor was a man in his 20s.

According to the woman, there is a playground in the hospital’s backyard. In summer, the backyard was filled with patients waiting for transplant operations. Each patient was accommodated on a bed in the open air, with curtains on the sides for privacy. The hospital only took about one week to find a matching donor, and charged 200,000 to 300,000 yuan for each organ. She paid 800,000 yuan for her organs. Her son (last name Zhang) worked as a section head of the Daqing Power Plant and was wealthy. He also paid the doctors 200,000 yuan in commission.

In the U.S. it usually takes one to four years to obtain a suitable donor for this type of transplant, but in China it only took one week. Nearly 30 hospitals like this one in Beijing exist throughout China.

Investigation Lead: Tracking the Personal Health Records and Movement of Falun Gong Practitioners

Each prison and detention center has illegally detained batches of Falun Gong practitioners continuously since 1999. From time to time, practitioners are forced to have blood withdrawn and instead of names the samples are identified with number codes. Before a practitioner is released he is tested for various blood lipids and his or her DNA is also recorded. All of this information is saved on the practitioner’s identity card on the network.

The communist regime’s network connects all the police departments, airlines, railways and hotels. It employs a system of real names on train tickets, bus tickets and airline tickets, so wherever a practitioner goes, the authorities can quickly locate him or her through sliding the identity card on a special small box.

Once, a practitioner went to Beijing for a business conference in 2012. When he boarded the train the police accessed his identity card. When he got off the train in Beijing, more than 10 police officers were waiting. They immediately arrested him and sent him to a local brainwashing center.

The communist regime requires that hotels that can accommodate 30 people or more must be connected to the police network and check each customer’s identity card. The information submitted to the network can be kept for about a year.

Investigation Lead: The Tonghua City Forced Labor Camp Forces Practitioners to Undergo Comprehensive Examinations

“In the summer of 2001, I was detained in the Tonghua City Forced Labor Camp with more than 50 other practitioners. One day, the guards gave us new clothes and told us to put them on. However, only practitioners were given new clothing, and none of the inmates received them. Thinking that we should not cooperate with the guards, two practitioners and I refused to put the new clothes on.

The head of the guards then came and ordered us to wear the clothes. We still refused. In the end, the guard said, “We’re taking all of you to the hospital for physical examinations tomorrow. If you don’t wear the clothes, we can’t take you.” I said to him, “We practice cultivation and are free of illness. Why do you want to examine us?” The next day, all the practitioners who had put the new clothes on were taken to the hospital, leaving the three of us behind.

However, about an hour later, the guards came back and told us that we had to go with them, even without the new clothes. We were then taken to a hospital, which probably was the Tonghua City Hospital. I was quite confused by the change in the guards. I wondered why the guards who had treated us so brutally were suddenly being careful in the way they handled us. The examination was very comprehensive, including but not limited to cardiogram, brain electrical activity, type-B ultrasonic, X rays, liver function, kidney, blood and stool. An entire tube of blood was withdrawn from me. At that time I didn’t understand why the authorities were having us examined so comprehensively. But when I look back now, it seems obvious that they were looking for matching donors.

The same thing also happened in the Tongliao City Detention Center. A practitioner was arrested and immediately sent to a hospital for blood tests. We now know that by that time the communist regime had begun to kill practitioners for their organs.”

Chinese version available

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