Falun Dafa Taught Me to Be a Good Person

September 02, 2015 | By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I have been a rickshaw driver for more than 10 years. Many people think that it is a hard job that earns little money, but I enjoy it and am happy to serve others.

One day in the winter of 2012, a woman in her 50s asked if I could take her 88-year-old father to the hospital. I said I could as long as a family member accompanied him.

I took the elderly man to the hospital three days in a row during the coldest time of the year.

On one of those cold nights, the woman called and said her father refused to stay longer in the hospital and wanted to go home. She had called several taxis and rickshaws, but no one wanted to give a ride to an elderly person who was sick.

The practice of Falun Dafa teaches me to always consider others first. Without hesitation, I went to the hospital to pick up the elderly man. When I showed up, the family members were pleasantly surprised, “You came in such cold weather!”

When we arrived at the elderly man’s home, he said, “We will pay you an extra 10 yuan!”

I replied, “I won’t take extra money. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. My Master teaches us to be good people. We are not like what the Communist Party says on TV.”

The next day the daughter saw me and said, “My father was so happy yesterday. He kept mentioning how kind you were. You took him home in the cold weather, and didn’t even take the extra money he offered. I told my father that Falun Dafa practitioners do not take extra money!”

I only charged five yuan for the three-mile trip that night because I give a discount to repeat customers.

At a different time, I had spent two hours to deliver materials for an insurance company. When I finished, the manager asked how much he should pay me.

When I told him 30 yuan, the manager said, “Other people would ask for 150 yuan to make deliveries for a company! You are such an honest person!”

I replied, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I charge the same rate no matter if it is a company or a person.”

The manager insisted that the company pay me 100 yuan. Afterwards, the insurance company always asked me to make deliveries for them.

I do not charge high prices, but I still earn more money than other rickshaw drivers. Thanks to Falun Dafa, I am strong and healthy.

Chinese version available

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