Master Twice Saved My Mother

October 13, 2015 | By a Falun Gong practitioner Jing Bai in Jiangsu Province, China

( I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. My mother began to practice no long after that. My mother only went to school for a year and could not read or write. She wished to read Zhuan Falun and sought Master Li’s assistance. In her heart, she asked, “Master, could you please help me? I do not know many words, and I cannot read your book. How can I study the Fa?”

She fell asleep on the table. When she awoke, she saw Chinese words moving in front of her eyes. This continued day and night.

She then tried to read Zhuan Falun and found that she could read it fluently. My father said, “This is really amazing. How can you read the book so easily?”

“Master is teaching me!” she replied.

Tumour Disappears

Ever since mother began cultivating, she has been happy. In 1997, she found an egg-sized tumour under her arm. She continued to go to group exercises in the morning. She also continued to study the Fa every day with other practitioners.

My elder sister, who is not a practitioner, asked me to take mother to her doctor. I said, “She is a Dafa practitioner, and Master is looking after her. If you want her to see a doctor, you should ask her about it yourself.”

Mother told my sister, “I am a cultivator and I do not have illness. Master is looking after me.” After several days, yellow liquid came out of the tumour. Soon afterwards, the tumour was gone.

Since the beginning of the persecution, mother has insisted on clarifying the truth to people. While I was detained in a labor camp in 2001, she looked after my two daughters who were eleven and twelve years old at the time My husband’s parents did not help care for my daughters and complained about my mother. So did my father and my siblings. In those days, my mother was under a lot of pressure.

I was put into a prison in 2007 and mother had to look after everything for me for a long time. When she visited, I told her, “You cannot stop studying Falun Dafa. We must believe in Master. He is teaching us the best way go be good people through Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We are not wrong.”

Saved Again

One night in March 2014, my mother collapsed. She could not walk. A few days later, my siblings took her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with cerebellar degeneration. The doctor asked my siblings to take our mother home because the illness was incurable.

I believed that the diagnosis was wrong. My mother did not have illness. However, my siblings insisted on giving her medicine intravenously. After three days on the IV, Mother was still getting worse, She could not recognise anyone, eat or drink. She slept all day.

With righteous thoughts I said, “We cannot continue the IV. She is becoming worse and worse. We must stop immediately.” Mother agreed with me, and we stopped the IV.

I went to Master’s photo. I hoped that Master would give my mother a chance to accomplish her predestined mission of helping to save people. Other practitioners also asked for help at the photo. During the day, mother listened to recordings of Master’s Fa lectures, and in the evening we read Master’s works to her and sent forth righteous thoughts.

Ten days later, mother had a dream in which she shouted, “Master, Master, save me.” The next day, my sister-in-law said, “Your mother will be saved. She was seeking Master’s help in her dream.”

I entered my mother’s room, and she was conscious. Though she was still not able to speak well, her mind was very clear. I told her what had happened while she was unconscious. I reminded her of looking within, and she said that she had held onto fears and anger.

We continued to read the Fa to her and to send forth righteous thoughts. She began to feel hungry and managed to eat. Gradually, she regained full speech and started to do the exercises. In less than two months, mother could clarify the truth to people on the street. She kept studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Every day she rises before 4:00 am and meditates for more than two hours.

My mother is now 82 years old, and she still manages to clarify the truth to people everyday. “I have not been doing the three things perfectly,” she said. “I must be more diligent so I can repay Master’s grace.”

Chinese version available

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