Paralyzed Woman Makes Astonishing Recovery

January 12, 2016 | By Falun Gong practitioner Liu Wenjun in China

( Before I began to practice Falun Gong, I had been paralyzed for seven years. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which had spread from my lungs to the lymph nodes and bones. I often went into convulsions. Frankly, I was waiting for death.

However, I was fortunate to read a Falun Gong book in 1996. Through this cultivation practice, I not only recovered my health but also had a harmonious family life.

Tribulations Abound

I was married at 30, and my husband’s family had a small house built for us. My first daughter was born in 1983, after which I was very weak and always tired after doing even a small amount of work.

Two years later, when I was five months pregnant, another bike collided with my bike on my way to work. It was a-hit-and-run. I fell down and felt a little pain in my legs.

I lost control of my right leg not long after. When seven months pregnant, I became paralyzed. My family suggested that I have an abortion. Doctors refused, however, as they thought that I would die during the procedure. I had a boy.

My daughter was three years old when my son was born. My husband was a private teacher with low and inconsistent income. We did not have any savings and could not afford to visit a doctor. I was bedridden and often too weak to speak. I lived in pain and desperation.

Given 10 More Years of Life in a Dream

I had a dream when my son was about three months old. Two security guards came, looked at me, and left. Two ladies came a little later and took me to a gloomy place. The two guards were there. A high-level official appeared, looked at the two guards and the two ladies, and said, “Don’t leave. Let me ask her a few questions.”

The official asked me, “What beliefs do your mother’s family and mother-in-law’s family have?”

I said that my mother-in-law was a Christian and that my mother’s family was not religious. He asked me if I believed in Christianity, and I answered that I had not joined any religion.

“What will you do in the future?” was his next question. I said, “I will find the best school of cultivation in the world.”

He asked me if I was confident, and I said that I was. He thus decided to give me 10 more years of life and told the ladies to take me back to my body.

On my return, I opened my eyes and wondered where I had been in the dream.

I told my mother about the dream when she visited. She said, “You almost died yesterday. How is it that you can speak so well today?”

“That official gave me 10 more years. I may have 10 more years of life.” My mother-in-law learned about this and managed to borrow money for hospital expenses.

A doctor said I had tuberculosis and that I needed a bone graft. The local hospital could not do such surgery, but my family could not afford a better hospital. They persuaded a doctor to do the surgery in the local hospital.

On January 28, 1987, the doctor took a piece of bone from my right hip, polished it, and did a bone graft. The surgery was successful. The doctor became famous for this surgery and was later transferred to the provincial hospital.

Paralyzed Again Three Years Later

I returned home. My mother-in-law took care of my children while I was in the hospital. She left after I returned home, as my house was too small even for just one more person. My daughter was three years old, and my son was seven months old. I was bedridden for more than 100 days.

The doctor advised that I eat nutritious food to make sure that tissue developed around the new bone before I was released from the hospital. We were poor and had a lot of debt, and I was discharged from the hospital.

My husband went to work to support us. We could not afford to hire a maid to take care of me. My two children and I stayed at home. We were so poor that we often had no food.

I lost feeling in my right leg three years later. Gradually, I lost feeling in my left leg, too, and could not turn over. The tuberculosis in my bones had come back, and I was in agony.

Because our debts from my first surgery had not been paid off yet, we could not afford another hospital bill. I was bedridden for the next seven years. My children took care of me when my husband went to work. They had a hard time keeping me clean, and the pad under me was always wet. My house was dirty and smelled bad.

Two Paragraphs in Falun Gong Book Renew My Life

In 1996, my daughter was 13 years old, and my son was 10. I often talked to an elderly woman who lived next door. We had a good relationship.

In May, this woman came to my house holding a book in her hand. “Look at this book. It’s great. You won’t think life is bad after reading it. I just got it. Read it and I’m sure it’ll help you.”

I did not plan to read the book, since my memory was bad and I could not understand much. I could not believe that there was such a good book. She insisted, “Who would lie to you, given your poor health? You can take a look. You read it if you like. Give it back to me if you don’t like it.”

I agreed and gave it a try. I had graduated from high school and done well academically. I started at the beginning. I was touched after reading two paragraphs of the introduction and had a clear thought in mind, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the characteristic of the universe. I thought the universe was nature. I never knew that the universe has a character.”

I felt very comfortable when I thought about the universe’s character. I had not been so comfortable in my life. I closed my eyes and fell asleep with the book on my chest.

Neighbors Witness My Improvement

I had a dream in which I flew in a blue sky with lots of stars. A big Buddha appeared in the south. The Buddha’s words sounded as if they were in stereo; his voice echoed, and the earth trembled.

My children woke me up, and my daughter asked, “Mom. You always said you can’t fall asleep. How come you fell asleep today?” I told them about the dream. They gave each other a puzzled look. My son said, “Mom looks much better today and is speaking clearly. Are we in a dream? This can’t be true.”

They fetched their aunt. When they returned, they saw me standing up and leaning against the wall. She saw me and was scared, as I was so emaciated and had been bedridden for seven years. She could not believe her eyes. She ran outside and yelled out the news. Many neighbors heard her and came to see me, too. I walked slowly from the bedroom to the kitchen.

My husband returned home at that time and saw so many people standing in the front door of our house. One neighbor said to him, “Take a look at your wife. What happened to her?” My husband answered, “I know. It was expected and would’ve happened sooner or later.” He thought I had died.

The neighbor said, “Not dead. She’s better now.” My husband could not believe it. “Don’t talk nonsense!” he shouted, as the neighbor attempted to comfort him.

Husband: Keep Reading Zhuan Falun

He looked into the room and saw me standing in the kitchen. He saw the book Zhuan Falun, the main book of the Falun Gong cultivation practice, on the bed. He took the book and said, “I know you must’ve read this book and recovered. The author of this book is extraordinary. You have to read the book over and over again. You can’t put it aside after your illnesses are gone.”

That was when I started to practice Falun Gong. About two weeks later, I worked on mending clothes. Suddenly, I felt extreme pain in my belly, it was as if I was giving birth. There was a bulge inside my belly on the left side. I had felt it for years. I rushed to the bathroom and felt something fall out of me. I picked it up. It was as big as a round bun with a diameter of about six inches. I cut it open. It had many layers inside and was hard. There was pus between the layers.

After I read Zhuan Falun, I no longer had convulsions. I recovered and have a clear mind. I taught my husband’s class for half a year as a substitute teacher. The county education department commended me for my excellent teaching.

Local officials came to my home in 1999 when the persecution started and asked me if I had Falun Gong books. I answered, “Whatever you’re here for, I can tell you, ‘Falun Gong is good.’ I have a copy of Zhuan Falun. But you can’t take it. If you did, it would be the same as killing me.”

I told them my story and said, “Without this book, I will die. Don’t do anything bad.” They were touched and left without another word.

My Dream Came True

When I first read Zhuan Falun, it had been 9 years and 10 months since my dream in which I was told I would have 10 more years to live. Twenty years have passed since then. I am in good health and have a happy family. My children grew up and found jobs. My family and relatives know that “Falun Gong is good.”

I cannot express my appreciation to Master Li and Falun Gong in mere words. It is because of Master Li that I am alive today.

Chinese version available

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