Benefits of Falun Dafa: Dentist Not Needed

January 22, 2016 | By Xiaofeng

( The founder of Falun Dafa said,

“Dafa is being spread far and wide. Those who hear about it are looking for it. Those who have obtained it are delighted with it. The number of cultivators is increasing daily and becoming countless.”(“Seeking Discipleship with Teacher” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Millions of Chinese people have practiced Falun Dafa over the past 16 years. They and their families have benefited from this cultivation practice.

Below, we recount two stories about a practitioner, and a family member of a Falun Dafa practitioner, each of whom benefited from the practice and support Falun Dafa.

Performed Good Deed: Loose Tooth Problem Resolved

Practitioners in Changchun City arranged an Arts and Painting Exhibition in early May 1997 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Master Li Hongzhi’s (the founder of Falun Dafa) introduction of Dafa to the public.

Many practitioners prepared exquisite photographs, paintings, handmade artwork and specially framed writings to show their appreciation to Master Li.

Ms. Wang was concerned because she felt that she had no special talents. However, she knew her husband was good at ink writing. So, she asked her husband to write one of Master Li’s articles from the book Essentials for Further Advancement for display at the exhibition.

However her husband was on his way to have his loose tooth pulled, because it made it very difficult for him to eat. He had no time to spare.

Ms. Wang pleaded with him to please help her with this ink writing and then go have his tooth pulled. Her husband decided to help. He spent the next 30 minutes on producing a small yet exquisite calligraphy piece.

Together they took a look at the completed work and were very satisfied. Then, she reminded her husband that he still had plenty of time to go to the dentist. He touched his tooth and discovered it was as firm as all of his other teeth and no longer needed to be pulled.

The elderly couple was pleasantly surprised. They felt that this was extraordinary and that her husband benefited from his good deed.

No Dentist Visit: Loose Tooth Tightened Again After Correcting Behavior

Practitioner Mr. Zhao Yu had a loose tooth back in 2007. It was difficult for him to eat his meals.

Mr. Zhao Yu wondered if he had done anything wrong or bullied someone? Maybe he had lust in his heart! He remembered that for a while now he felt sleepy when he read the Falun Gong books or became absent minded. Also, he was unable to remain tranquil when practicing the exercises.

He apologized to Master in his mind and decided to get rid of those attachments and improve his behavior.

He then spent more time reading the Dafa books. He did the exercises more regularly and told more people about Dafa. He then witnessed something amazing. His loose tooth was firm again, and eating was no longer a problem.

As time passed, he slacked off in his cultivation. His behavior reflected his lack of diligence. Then his tooth became loose again, and painful as well.

This was a serious issue he needed to stop, so he corrected his behavior. Thus, that loose tooth returned to normal for a second time without any need for medical attention.

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