The Endless Wonders of Falun Dafa

June 06, 2016 | By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

( Because of my poor health, I started to practice Falun Dafa years ago. This became a major event in my life.

I was introduced to a different qigong practice for fitness in 1996, but it didn’t help much. Then two Falun Dafa practitioners came to my beauty shop for a hair cut, and they told me how good Falun Dafa was. But I thought that it was probably just another qigong practice like the one before. However, because they were so sincere, and they offered to teach the practice free of charge, I was reluctant to refuse. I also told them I was interested in reading more about it.

Through reading Zhuan Falun later, I learned that Falun Dafa was totally different from what I had practiced previously. Falun Dafa taught people how to cultivate themselves.

When I Obtained the Fa

Zhuan Falun covers many topics, such as why people have illnesses, why people should be good, and why cultivation energy doesn’t increase with practice, among so many others. It also mentions that if you do everything according to the requirements in the book, it means that you are cultivating. I never knew any of this before, so I decided to learn Falun Dafa.

The morning before I went out to learn the exercises, I had a vivid dream in which the practitioner who had introduced me to Falun Dafa did the exercises with me. I was about to get up in the dream when I felt my heart beating too fast for me to bear.

I told her, “I often have this symptom, and my doctor has told me that it is arrhythmia.” That practitioner put her hand on my chest and we both closed our eyes as if trying to feel something.

Then I noticed, from a distant horizon, a ball of something white and shiny dash into my chest, and immediately another ball went into my chest. Afterward, both of us seemed to have been awakened by a thunderclap. I opened my eyes and told her, “I just now heard a thunderclap.” But she said, “It was not a thunderclap; a Falun has been installed inside you.” Then I woke up.

I got up quickly and went to the practice site. When I saw that practitioner, I told her my dream. She was pleased and said, “You have been connected with the Fa, so please try to do it well.” I started to learn the exercises from her.

I became a new person by practicing Falun Dafa. All my ailments, such as headaches, neck pain, arthritis, chest tightness, a decade-long battle with chronic gastritis, and gynecological problems, were gone. Who has this ability to eliminate all these diseases? Only someone who is truly divine or a Buddha can do this.

Casting Off My Old Self, Karma Elimination

Zhuan Falun mentions that practitioners will experience their karma being eliminated. I had also been told by veteran practitioners that during the course of their cultivation they felt uncomfortable for a period of time, and it seemed as though they were ill. Sometimes they felt that their old diseases had returned, but they recovered without taking any medicine.

After I had practiced for over a month, I still had not experienced anything of that sort, although I always felt that my body was very light. I asked other practitioners, “Isn’t Master taking care of me?” They answered, “It is because everybody is different and their karma is different as well.”

Two months later at 11:30 p.m. one evening, I rushed to the bathroom and had loose bowels, having suddenly felt a severe pain in my belly. I went to the bathroom five or six times that night.

At dawn, it was worse. I had a high fever with a splitting headache, neck pain, and lower abdominal pain. Even my bones hurt. I knew that I was experiencing karma elimination, so I wan’t scared. This lasted until the following midnight, when I suddenly woke up. When I opened my eyes and realized that all discomfort in my body was gone, I looked at the time: It was exactly 11:30 p.m.

Daughter Born after Four Miscarriages

I was married at the age of 28 and got pregnant four times over the course of four years. Each pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at two months. I went to experts for different treatments, but nothing helped. Finally, I didn’t dare try any more to have children.

Since obtaining the Fa, I have experienced Dafa’s beauty and sacredness. So at work, I often told people about the beauty of Dafa. People who did not believe in Dafa said bad things behind my back, such as, “Since her Master is so good, why doesn’t he give her a child?”

These words reached my ears and seemed to wake me up. “Although I have started to cultivate, I still don’t dare try to have children,” I thought. “Is it because I haven’t completely believed in Master and the Fa?” Having realized this, I put my heart at ease and let it be.

In a dream in October 1999, I saw Master float into my house from outside. Master was all smiles. I woke up at dawn, still immersed in the joy of this dream. And in that month, I again became pregnant.

After about two months, I started to have back pain and abdominal pain, just like I had previously. At that time, my head suddenly felt swollen, but I immediately thought of Master and Dafa. Being a practitioner, I didn’t go to the hospital. Since I believed in Master and Dafa, I struggled between being firm and being restless.

I endured until my due date, and the entire process was just as it should have been. Our daugher is intelligent and lovely, and the whole family is happy. With Master’s and Dafa’s care, she is growing up day by day.

Uninjured after Being Hit by a Car

On my way home from a relative’s house on the evening of October 28, 2003, I was hit from behind by a car. With the sound of a “bang,” something big and hard hit the back of my head and I lost consciousness.

As I came to, a fretful voice reached my ears. “She was hit on the head,” the voice said. On hearing the voice, I woke up as if from a dream. I realized that I was involved in a car accident, but I immediately recognized that I was a practitioner and that nothing bad would happen to me.

At the same time, I also thought of what Master said:

“If you truly follow the righteous way in cultivation practice, nobody will dare to do something to you at will. Besides, you have the protection of my fashen, and you will not be in any danger.” (Lecture Three in Zhuan Falun)

A man and a woman helped me up. The woman driver said, her voice shaking, “Please get up and sit in the car; we will take you to the hospital.” I remembered that the back of my head had been hit very hard, so I deliberately shook my head, but didn’t feel dizzy. I touched my head but did not find anything swollen. I pressed my head but did not feel any pain. I was not afraid, felt at ease, and knew nothing terrible would happen to me.

When I noticed that the driver was very nervous, I comforted her, saying, “It’s alright,” I said. “I’m fine. You don’t need to be afraid.” She was still nervous and kept asking me to go to the hospital.

“I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I have my master, who is protecting me. Nothing will happen to me. Please don’t worry about it. We Falun Dafa practitioners are all good people. But please do remember these words – ‘Falun Dafa is good,’ which will bring you good luck.”

The driver seemed to smile a bit. I was taken aback when I turned to look at her car: The windshield was smashed. I said, “I’m sorry about your windshield.” The driver still apologized to me for the accident.

I turned and headed home. I then noticed all the onlookers standing there in astonishment, speechless.

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