Brussels, Belgium: Broad Support at European Parliament Building

June 09, 2016 | By Minghui correspondent Rong Fa

( For the past several days, Falun Gong practitioners have been holding events in front of the European Parliament Building to raise awareness of the severe suppression of Falun Gong in China. Below are some examples of the broad support they have received from all walks of life.

Important to Publicize the Brutality

Claudio Olivetti, who works on the Constitutional Treaty in Europe, said the situation in China is much worse than he thought: “Such things [organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners] are terrible, and we must follow up on this.” As he signed a petition of support, Olivetti said China always wants to show the world that it has improved on human rights issues. “That means it is important to publicize this brutality so that government of China will investigate it.”

Business consultant Stefan Schepers studied the posters on display before signing a petition calling for an end to the persecution. “I have heard about your group from newspapers and other channels. And I know the Chinese communist regime targets people with violence.” He encouraged practitioners to hold more such events to focus public attention on the issue, commenting that Europe should not sacrifice human rights principles to do business with China.

Business consultant Stefan Schepers thinks that human rights should not be undermined to do business with China.

Mr. Thomas, a councilor visiting the European Union offices, said, “I have seen TV reports about you and now I am glad to know more about this important issue.” He said he did not understand why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would persecute innocent practitioners. “I will ask my member of the parliament to sign a petition, too, because everyone should have freedom of belief. If it is the right thing to do, we should help each other and do it well.”

This Relates to All of Us

Thomas Redmond, who works in the Irish government, said he first heard about forced organ harvesting several years ago. “This atrocity reminds me of other tragedies that occurred in history. We have to do something to stop them.” In addition to signing a petition, Redmond said he would also bring the mater up when he met his parliament member later in the day.

Thomas Redmond said people should learn from the history and prevent tragedies such as forced organ harvesting.

Kathleen Funchion, an Irish parliament member, came by with two other Irish officials. They took pictures, talked with practitioners, and signed petitions of support. “I am aware of this [forced organ harvesting] and it makes me ashamed.” She said she would tell more officials about this.

Thank You for Your Courage

Anna Faias works for a fund-raising organization. She picked up quite a few brochures and asked many questions. Forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China disturbed her deeply. “We have to let more people know about this—people must know about this,” she said. “You’ve done a great job here. Thank you for your courage.”

Pedestrian Maud Brichat signed a petition on her way to catch a bus. She said what practitioners were doing in front of the European Parliament Building was “important. This is based on the traditional values, something all of us need to support.” She said that the more people that knew about this, the sooner the atrocity would stop.

Passersby sign petitions to support Falun Gong practitioners.

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Twelve Members of European Parliament Issue Declaration Calling for Investigation into Forced Organ Harvesting in China

May 29, 2016 | By a Minghui correspondent Rongfa in Belgium

( Twelve Members of the European Parliament recently issued a joint declaration requesting the European Parliament to investigate the illegal harvesting and trafficking of human organs by the Chinese communist regime.

Belgian MEP Louis Michel is one of the initiators of the declaration. His cabinet director Bénédicte Van den Berg said that the declaration is a strong voice against illegal organ transplantation and advocates an independent investigation in China. Organ harvesting is a key and sensitive issue, she said, because it is about human rights and human lives.

Practitioners of Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa), a cultivation practice persecuted in China since 1999, rallied in front of European Parliament in Brussels on May 25 and 26, 2016 to express support.

The group exposed how the communist regime in China harvests organs from living practitioners imprisoned in China for their faith. The organs are used in transplants and sold for profit. In addition to condemning the persecution of Falun Gong, they asked members of the European Parliament to support this effort to bring further investigations into the Chinese regime’s harvesting of organs from prisoners of conscience, including Falun Gong practitioners.

Falun Gong practitioners in front of European Parliament call attention to organ harvesting from practitioners detained in China for their belief.

The EP passed a resolution in December 2013 calling on the Chinese regime to stop harvesting organs from living prisoners of conscience. The recent declaration initiated by 12 MEPs from four political parties calls on the EP to take further action and investigate the crime of organ harvesting in China. Once the declaration gains the support of more than half of the MEPs, it will become a resolution.

Nick, a Falun Gong practitioner at the rally, said that they would continue to hold activities in front of the European Parliament until the declaration becomes a resolution. He believes that continuous efforts by people and leaders around the world are what’s needed to end China’s organ harvesting atrocities.

German MEP: “We Must All Do the Best We Can to Stop the Persecution”

Arne Gericke, MEP from Germany, attends the rally to support the practitioners’ efforts.

German MEP Arne Gericke came to the rally with a copy of the declaration in his hand. He said he wants to let more people know about this horrendous crime currently taking place in China.

“It is hard for people in Europe to know clearly what is happening in China. The truth of the tragic organ harvesting is concealed by the Chinese regime. I thank those who closely watch what is going on in China. They help us understand and make proper responses,” said Gericke.

“Organ harvesting from living people for profit is unacceptable in Europe,” said Gericke. “We are absolutely shocked. We want to help but didn’t know where to start, and that is why I am so happy to see [Falun Gong practitioners] here. This allows me to know what I can do. We must all do the best we can to stop the persecution.”

“It Is Our Responsibility to Take Action”

Czech MEP Tomas Zdechovsky, another initiator of the declaration, believes that organ harvesting in China is an important issue. “We want to open up the discussion on this issue in Europe. It is essential for our conversation with China, which is related to not only the economy, but also human rights,” said Zdechovsky.

“For me, it is important that we speak up on this issue and get everyone’s attention,” said British MEP Julie Ward, who signed the declaration “for the seven million people I represent.”

Explaining why he supports the declaration, German MEP Joachim Zeller said, “I believe that this is the most extreme form of human rights violation, and it is our responsibility to take action.”

Raising Public Awareness

Martin Bursík, a professor from the Czech Republic, hopes to help end the crime of organ harvesting.

Martin Bursík is a professor from the Czech Republic. He stopped at the rally and mentioned having heard a talk given by David Kilgour in the Czech Republic several years ago. Kilgour is a former Canadian MP and an independent investigator of organ harvesting in China. Bursik expressed support for Falun Gong and signed the petition against organ harvesting.

Journalists from Denmark plan to help raise awareness of the organ harvesting crimes in China.

Five journalists from Denmark saw the posters and learned about the ongoing persecution in China. One of them, Ms. Ditte Lumti, said, “This is the first time I’ve heard about this horrible crime.” They said that they would do what they could to help raise awareness of the issue.

Many passersby sign the petition against the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong in China.

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Special Forum on Organ Trafficking at European Society for Organ Transplantation Congress

September 27, 2015 | By a Falun Gong practitioner in Belgium

( A special forum on organ trafficking was held at the 17th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) in Brussels, Belgium, September 13 to 16, 2015. The practice of illegal organ transplants in China captured the attention of the forum participants.

More than 3000 people attended. Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) was invited to attend. DAFOH conducts investigations about China’s live organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, especially Falun Gong practitioners.

Venue for the 17th Congress of ESOT in Brussels, Belgium.

Forum on organ trafficking

Many medical professionals and representatives of the legal profession attended the forum on organ trafficking. Prof. John Forsythe, ESOT President, was the forum moderator. Convinced of the importance of this issue, he paid it special attention.

Interviewed by the media afterward, Prof. Forsythe said that the room was filled to capacity and there was much discussion on the topic, which all agreed must be solved. He indicated that organ trafficking raises concerns for all involved in organ transplantation. Concerning organ trafficking in China, the transplantation community has taken some measures to deal with it.

Canadian lawyer David Matas, an independent investigator of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s live organ harvesting, attended the congress. He said that transplant professionals might see their work as beneficial, but they cannot begin to imagine how technology is being used in China to kill prisoners of conscience on demand for their organs. He said at the forum that transplant abuse in China is a big issue and that the international community must take action to stop it.

Harold King (on left), representative of DAFOH, in his booth at the congress.

Harold King, who was at the congress representing DAFOH, said that, for 16 years, the CCP regime has been trafficking in organs taken from prisoners of conscience without their consent. DAFOH wants to inform the medical community about this crime in China and stop it.

Many visited the DAFOH display. Doctor King said that, although quite a few doctors had already heard about the CCP’s practice of live organ harvesting, those who hadn’t were moved to tears to learn the gruesome details. Others were misled by the CCP’s propaganda and thought that it had already been stopped.

Prof. Forsythe indicated that he has known about China’s organ trafficking for several years and that just condemning it will not stop it. In his opinion, legal professionals should work with the medical profession to solve the issue.

Matas pointed out that the CCP regime tells people what they want to hear, such as promising to phase out organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. But, in fact, the problem still exists.

He said there is no transparency, so it is hard to trace the source of organs. In addition, the CCP regime declines to provide the number of death-row inmates and any organ registration data. He said it would be more effective to simply stop cooperating with Chinese doctors and that such a measure would have an impact in China.

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