Canada: Falun Dafa Practitioners Help Usher in the Season in Local Holiday Parades

November 18, 2016 | By Falun Dafa practitioners in Canada

( For many years, Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) has been a welcome component of holiday festivities around the world. As the winter holiday season approaches, Canadian Falun Dafa practitioners have recently participated in two local Santa Claus parades, one in London, Ontario and another in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Film on China’s Live Organ Harvesting, “The Bleeding Edge,” Screens in Canada

November 17, 2016 | By Minghui correspondent Zhang Yun

( The Bleeding Edge, a film exposing China’s state-sanctioned organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, was shown as part of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF) on November 5, 2016.

The film is a narrative feature by award-winning Vancouver-based director Leon Lee, who won a Peabody Award in 2015 for his documentary Human Harvest about the horrors of forced organ harvesting in China. The Bleeding Edge stars actress Anastasia Lin, winner of Miss World Canada 2015.

Ottawa, Canada: Falun Gong Protests Greet the Visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

September 25, 2016 | By a Falun Gong practitioner in Canada

( Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Canada’s capital of Ottawa September 21-22 to call on visiting Chinese premier Li Keqiang to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong. They held large banners worded “Falun Dafa Is Good,” “Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong,” “Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice,” and others during the course of his visit.

Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) was made public in 1992 in China and became very popular in the following years due to its marvelous health and spiritual benefits. Practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in daily life.

Jiang Zemin, then head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), initiated the brutal persecution utilizing the entire state apparatus in 1999, out of jealousy for the popularity of Falun Gong, and paranoia of losing control. The ongoing persecution has led to deaths of many practitioners, including those killed under the CCP’s state-sanctioned organ harvesting from living practitioners in China.

Practitioners took the opportunity to raise awareness of the persecution during the premier’s visit. They stood in front of the Westin Ottawa Hotel where Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stayed, on Parliament Hill where he met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and outside the Canadian Museum of History where Li had dinner with Prime Minister Trudeau.

Falun Gong practitioners hold banners in front of the Westin Ottawa Hotel.

Li’s motorcade meets with Falun Gong practitioners on way to Parliament Hill.

Falun Gong practitioners hold banners in front of Parliament Hill.

Tourists pass by protest on Parliament Hill.

Falun Gong practitioners hold banners in the rain in front of the Canadian Museum of History, waiting for Li’s motorcade from dinner with Prime Minister Trudeau.

A member of parliament (MP) commended the Falun Gong event and supported efforts to oppose the persecution. Many tourists accepted Falun Gong informational materials and spoke out against the persecution after learning the facts.

The Chinese embassy had arranged an official “welcome group” consisting of paid Chinese Canadians, merchants, and students. They stood with a dividing lane between them and the Falun Gong group. Both sides expressed their greetings to the Chinese Premier in their own way. Some Chinese in the welcome group agreed to withdraw from the Party and its affiliated organizations after practitioners helped them see the true nature of the Party.

Canadian MP: I Support You!

MP Karen McGrimmon (left) poses for a photo with a Falun Gong practitioner.

A practitioner walked to a place near the Parliament Hill and came across MP Karen McGrimmon for Kanata—Carleton. MP McGrimmon told her, “Your event is well organized. I support you!”

MP McGrimmon said that she had a meeting to attend and would talk about Falun Gong during a later appointment.

Researcher Photographer: I Support You.

Research photographer Paul Lauzon

Research photographer Paul Lauzon said, “I support your efforts against the persecution and lawsuits against Jiang.” He indicated that the Canadian government should exert more pressure on the Chinese government because the Chinese regime does not want to stop the persecution, especially the live organ harvesting for profit. The Chinese regime is afraid of people gathering and presenting a challenge. He observed that there is no freedom in China and suggested that this is one reason why so Chinese people immigrate to Canada.

Hungarian Couple: We Hope to Help Stop the Persecution

A Hungarian couple saw Falun Gong practitioners in front of Parliament Hill and learned about the persecution in China. They then went to the welcome group and listened to their explanation.

They came back to the practitioners before departing. The wife Anna Maria said, “I never heard of Falun Gong. Today I see so many practitioners demonstrating the exercises and holding banners. I want to learn about the practice. The persecution in China, especially the live organ harvesting, is horrible.

“I think Chinese people should stand up to protest the persecution of Falun Gong. If it is not solved, other countries and international organizations should intervene and help practitioners to stop the persecution.”

Omar (left), Vincent (middle), and Alexander (right), students from Quebec, in front of Canadian Museum of History.

Omar Livoie is a student at a university prep school in Quebec. He and his two classmates went to visit the Canadian Museum that day and saw the practitioners with large banners. While listening to a practitioner explain the issues, he translated to French for his classmates. Omar and his classmates said that Falun Gong practitioners should have freedom to practice anywhere in the world.

The three students supported the practitioners’ effort against the persecution. They shouted together, “Stop the persecution!” twice.

Chinese People in the Welcome Group Renounce the Party

Falun Gong practitioners talk to people in the official welcome group

The welcome group that the Chinese embassy arranged stood beside the Falun Gong group outside the Westin Ottawa hotel. One practitioner standing in the middle explained the persecution to a middle-aged woman in the welcome group. The practitioner said, “We have also come to welcome Li Keqiang. But we are asking him to bring Jiang Zemin to justice.”

The Chinese lady said she was a Christian and had read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Falun Gong information materials. She agreed to withdraw her membership in the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers. She then left the welcome group.

A practitioner talks with a Chinese tourist.

Practitioner raises awareness of the persecution to tourists.

A practitioner raises awareness of the persecution to Chinese tourists.

On the way home, a practitioner met with a few Chinese people, one of whom said with a smile, “I saw you in the dinner with the Chinese Premier.” The practitioner said that he did not attend the dinner and that the man must have taken him as a guest who attended the dinner.

He then talked with several Chinese guests who attended the dinner about the nature of the CCP and the persecution of Falun Gong. One guest agreed to withdraw from the CCP and said he would advise the others to withdraw their affiliations as well.

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