People Know that Falun Gong Practitioners Are Good People

October 18, 2016 | By Yang Li, a Falun Gong practitioner in U.S.

( I have been practicing Falun Gong for over 20 years and would like to share how Master has given me a new life. I’d also like to tell a few stories that happened in China before I came to the United States.

Master Saved My Life

I am 69 this year and full of energy. Those who know my age say that I look very young and ask me how I maintain my appearance. I tell them that this is all because of Falun Gong.

Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I suffered from many illnesses: hepatitis A and B, arthritis, high blood pressure, to name a few. I was hospitalized frequently.

To make things worse, I was a workaholic and went on a lot of business trips. I would fall sick each time I finished a project.

In September 1990, I fainted at work after vomiting blood. I was diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer and had to undergo surgery immediately.

The doctor informed my family that I only had another two years to live. After the operation, I did not step out of my house for two years, as I was often sick and my face and legs were swollen and heavy.

In the spring of 1994, my right elbow was in pain and I went in for another operation. A few days later, my elbow became even more painful. After an x-ray, the doctor suspected that the cancer had spread to my bones.

A year later after an examination, the doctor said that it became a nasopharynx cancer and told my family that I may only live for another three months.

I was only in my forties at that time. The illnesses brought pain to myself and my family. My family tried searching everywhere for a cure.

In November 1995, someone gave my husband a book titled “Falun Gong”. I felt that this book was very good when I read it, and I knew that I had to take up the practice.

It was winter at that time and I was a critically ill patient. I could not go to the practice site that was near my home. I was told by the coordinator to learn the practice by following the book first, until the weather turned warmer and I could go to the practice site.

Amazingly, all my illnesses disappeared when I read the book and practiced the exercises at home. I could go to the practice site by April of 1996. Half a year later, I could travel everywhere by myself.

After I became healthy, I spent most of my time reading the book, practicing the exercises and spreading the practice to others. My heart was filled with joy, and I felt very happy.

Falun Gong also taught me to be a better person and treat others kindly. I also understood the meaning of life.

Let me share three stories that happened after I took up Falun Gong and how I followed the teachings to be a good person.

Neighbor Living on the Third Floor Is No Longer Arrogant

My husband and I live in company housing. The building has three floors and I lived on the second floor, and the daughter-in-law of the company’s general manager happened to live on the third. She often behaved arrogantly.

A few months after I took up Falun Gong, I put my blanket out on the balcony to dry, as it was a sunny day. Moments later, one of my relatives came to my house. She went out to take a look at my balcony.

“Come quickly! Your blanket is drenched!” she said.

I ran over and saw that a quarter of my blanket was wet. I looked up and saw that the third floor neighbor had put her laundry out and the clothes was dripping water. I quickly took my blanket in.

My relative asked me, “Who is living upstairs? How could she do this to you?’

I shouted upwards, telling the neighbor that her clothes are dripping water. Nobody answered.

I remained calm and told my relative that I was a Falun Gong practitioner now. This matter was trying to elevate my xinxing. I’d put my blanket out again after her clothes stopped dripping water.

Later, the woman staying on the first floor started swearing because her clothes were wet. At this moment, the woman on the third floor came out and the two of them quarreled.

I tried to intervene by offering to dry the third floor woman’s clothes in my dryer. She refused my offer and even said that we deserved it for staying below her.

After that, whenever I wanted to put my clothes out on the balcony, I’d always be on the lookout.

In addition to the wet laundry, she would also throw trash out of her window and some of the trash would be blown into my room. But I’d just pick it up and throw it away.

One day, her pillowcase was blown to my balcony. I washed it, dried it and put it back on the rack in front of her house. After a period of time, her son’s expensive running shoes were blown onto my balcony. I cleaned them and returned them to her.

She said, “I thought this pair of shoes was gone. I didn’t expect you to be so kind to wash them and return them to me. Thank you very much.”

I said, “It is fate that we can be neighbors. We should treasure it.”

“I know that you practice Falun Gong. You are too kind,” she said.

She no longer dried her clothes on the balcony after that.

A Saint

In 1987, at my previous workplace, there was a review of our job titles. According to my education qualifications, I could have been promoted to an assistant professor.

As there were too many people with the same qualifications as me, I opted for a senior lecturer position. Many people felt bad for me.

Eleven years later, in May of 1998, my supervisor gave me a call and asked me to prepare my materials to apply for an assistant professor position. The leaders felt that this position should be given to me.

When I went to the office to submit my application, I learned that another colleague of mine wanted this position and had kicked up a fuss a few times in the workplace. When I heard this, I took back my application and went home.

My supervisor called me again.

“What are you afraid of?” he asked. “How could this person compare with you? We have always thought that this position should belong to you. How could you give it up?”

I thanked him and told him that I won’t fight with others over this, as I practice Falun Gong.

Everyone in my workplace knew that my illnesses were cured by Falun Gong. During the meeting that year, I came late and the meeting room was filled with people. When I went inside, everyone started clapping. I was stunned and did not know who they were welcoming.

A male colleague stood up, pointed at me and shouted, “Our resident saint is here! She gave up a assistant professor position willing. Would else would be able to do that?”

Many colleagues stood up and offered me their seats. Two female colleagues pulled me over to their seats. I was feeling embarrassed from this heartwarming scene. During the meeting, the leaders and colleagues occasionally praised me for my action.

Later, that female colleague who wanted the assistant professor position visited me to thank me.

“I know that at that time, many people nominated you for the position,” she said. “If you hadn’t taken the application back, I would never have gotten this position. I’m really thankful! Only those who practice Falun Gong are able to do this.”

After Falun Gong was persecuted in China, the 610 Office told my workplace to monitor my movements. However, no one did anything to me.

There Are Only Those that Come to Ask for Money. Never Has Anyone Come to Return Money to Me

Once, I went to the market to buy duck gizzards. Upon reaching home, I felt that the amount of gizzard that I bought seemed incorrect. I took out the scale, and as it turns out, the gizzard weighed more than what I paid for.

The next day, I went to the market to pay for the extra gizzard.

I saw the owner and said, “I bought this gizzard from you yesterday. You miscounted.”

That man interrupted me before I could finish my words.

“Counted wrong? You bought it yesterday, but now you are here a day later. I’m not going to put up with this!”

His shouting attracted many people.

I remained calm and said, “You miscounted and I paid less than I should have. I’m here to pay you back.”

The man was stunned. The onlookers were absolutely shocked and remarked that they had never seen such a good person.

I said, “I practice Falun Gong. I can’t take advantage of others. You need to check the scale carefully next time, and not shout at people.”

The man thanked me profusely and said that people return to quarrel with him, accusing him of overcharging. No one had ever come back to return money to him. Now he knows that there are still good people in this world.

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My Life Was So Miserable Until I Found Falun Dafa

September 14, 2015 | Dictated by Xiao Jun, recorded by Ganye

( I am certain that I would not be alive today if I didn’t practice Falun Dafa. Therefore, I asked a fellow practitioner to write down my story and send it for publication to the Minghui website. I want to share these stories, and the joy and blessings that Dafa has brought me.

Mistreated by My Family

I lived a happy life when I was a little girl. However this changed when I was 12 years old, when I was kidnapped at knifepoint by a hooligan. He tried to force me to go with him into the mountains but ran off when one of my brothers happened to pass by. However, my family did not comfort me after I returned home, but insisted that I had been dating my kidnapper. One of my brothers pushed me to the ground, cut my long hair and shaved my head. I struggled and cried but my family just stood around and watched. From that day on, I was nearly mute and had a very difficult time communicating.

My family thought that I was too pretty for my own good. They locked me up at home and forbade me to have any contact with others. They said that this was to protect me from bad people.

I was not even allowed to go to school. My former school teacher asked my parents to let me attend school, but my father told her that it was none of her business.

Neighbors whispered behind my back and gossiped that my parents locked me up at home because I had committed some bad deed. I felt even more humiliated and thought that only death would save me.

Unsuccessful Death Wish

I worked in a small factory at the age of 16. It was difficult for me to communicate or form relationships with others. Loneliness and depression were driving me crazy and made me think of suicide.

I took poison three times and thought about lying across a railway track.

The poison damaged my health, but did not kill me. When I thought about the railroad track an immortal appeared in my dream and told me that I was not allowed to die.

“The train would not even run over you,” he said. “It would derail and many people would get hurt.” After I heard this, I no longer thought about suicide.

Tribulations Abound

When I got married, my family did not approve and so did not attend the wedding. This angered my new mother-in-law. She was already frustrated with me because I could barely talk. Therefore, my husband’s family hated me and frequently beat me.

My husband was lazy and refused to work. He also gambled and had extramarital affairs.

I became a hair stylist and opened a salon. The business went well. The profit from the hair salon was earmarked for my younger brother’s college education and to pay off my husband’s debts.

My health began to deteriorate two years after my son was born. I was diagnosed with cranial nerve palsy, breast cancer and other ailments, including heart disease. I had a stroke at the age of 29.

My mother-in-law was worried that her son would have to take care of me if I was bedridden, so she suggested that he divorce me. When I came out of hospital, I found that my husband’s family had taken everything, including our house and my son. I no longer had a home or a family.

Destiny with Dafa

During this most difficult time of my life, I had two dreams that foretold my future. One of my brothers visited me the day after I had the second dream and brought me some books. This brother was the one who cut my hair off when I was younger.

I opened the book Zhuan Falun, but my education had been so limited, there were so many characters that I didn’t recognize! I was so sad and began to cry. I cried and cried until I fell asleep on top of the book. When I woke up and looked at the book again, I could read all of the characters.

After I finished Zhuan Falun, I found that all of the questions I had about life were answered! I couldn’t have been happier. All the grim times of the past disappeared and I started to talk and laugh again.

I wanted to be a nun when I was younger, but no temple would accept me. I was told that my destiny had yet to arrive. Now I had found Dafa.

I returned to good health and my hair salon was booming. All of those around me knew that I used to be very ill and had returned to good health because I practiced Falun Dafa.

Now, living by the principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I decided to visit my former mother-in-law and resolve the conflict between us. When she saw me, she regretted forcing me leave and returned my son to me.

One snowy evening, I slipped and fell. The X-ray showed that two bones in my wrist and one of my fingers were broken. I refused to have surgery, so several doctors straightened my arm and put a cast on it.

I asked Master to help me at the same time. The pain stopped and I felt a warm sensation pass through my injured arm. It wasn’t long before I could move my broken finger. The doctor was perplexed.

I removed the cast after six days and my arm was fine. One of my customers said, “Your arm healed so fast! I broke my leg six months ago and I’m still limping. Falun Dafa truly is precious.”

Policeman Admits that I Spoke the Truth

When the Chinese Communist Party began to persecute Dafa, the local police arrested me. They took me to a detention center, but I developed symptoms of illness, so the authorities at the detention center refused to accept me.

The police took me to a nearby hospital. I had often stayed there when I had health problems before I practiced Dafa. Although I had not been there for many years, one of the doctors recognized me. “I can’t believe she’s still alive,” he told one of the officers. “She had several terminal illnesses! It’s impossible that she could be a criminal.”

“She hasn’t committed any crime,” replied the policeman. “She was arrested because she practices Falun Dafa. She told us that Dafa cured her terminal illnesses, but we didn’t believe her. Now, we know that she spoke the truth.”

I told the doctors that it was Dafa that saved me, and that without Dafa I would not be alive today.

I returned home the following day and recovered in no time.

Chinese version available

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