Major Danish Newspaper Covers Chinese State-sanctioned Organ Harvesting Crimes

October 15, 2016 | By a Falun Gong practitioner in Denmark

( Berlingske, one of the largest newspapers in Denmark, published two full-page articles on October 12, 2016, revealing the state-sanctioned organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China.

The articles were titled, “When political prisoners are killed to order” (Når politiske fanger bliver dræbt på bestilling) and “Members of religious movement used as organ storage” (Medlemmer af religiøs bevægelse bruges som organ-lager). The two articles were based on interviews with Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas during his trip to Denmark.

“Members of the religious movement used as organ storage” (Medlemmer af religiøs bevægelse bruges som organ-lager), published by Berlingske, a Danish newspaper with a 260-year history.

“When political prisoners are killed to order” (Når politiske fanger bliver dræbt på bestilling) published on the newspaper’s website.

The author of the articles, Mikkel Andersson, introduced in great detail the results of the 10-year long independent investigation on forced organ harvesting by David Matas and former Canadian diplomat David Kilgour. The articles also highlighted the new report, Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter: An Update, based on the collaborative investigation by Matas, Kilgour, and independent reporter Ethan Gutmann.

The first article focused on the scale and evidence of the state-sanctioned organ harvesting.

In the updated report, three investigators concluded that the Chinese government is carrying out the killing of prisoners of conscience, whose organs are sold at high prices to foreign patients as well as Chinese.

Remarkably Short Wait Times

The report lists a variety of evidence. One of the most striking is how quickly organ tourists can receive transplants in China.

David Matas told Mikkel Andersson, “We interviewed a lot of organ tourists, who were told [by the hospitals] that they could come whenever they liked. This means that there is no coordination with other patients.”

Andersson wrote, “The short wait is remarkable because organs have a very short shelf life after the donor is declared brain dead. A transplant will normally require a receiver to wait for someone to pass away in an accident or as a result of illness, which for good reason can not be predicted.”

Huge Difference Between the Numbers

“It’s hard to know exactly how many organs are available from dead prisoners of conscience, as authorities for obvious reasons do not publish this.”

The article says that China has a voluntary donor register, but according to Chinese authorities, only 1,400 donors registered in 2012 and 2013, while the official figure for transplants in China, according to CNN, is 10,000 annually.

Matas pointed out that the huge difference between the official figures and donors comes from the prisoners of conscience. “The prisoners are killed to order,” the article says.

Falun Gong Practitioners Have Become the Organ Storage Bank

The second article focuses on the largest groups of victims—Falun Gong practitioners.

The article says in the first paragraph, “In China there is a state-sanctioned and extremely widespread practice that turns doctors into executioners. Tens of thousands of people per year are killed for the purpose of organ transplantation, and the majority come from Falun Gong.”

The author briefly introduced Falun Gong as a traditional Chinese meditation practice, which was very, very popular before the persecution of the practice started in 1999.

During the persecution, many practitioners were arrested. Many of the detainees refuse to reveal their identities, for fear that their families will be held responsible by the government.

The article states, “This means that the authorities do not know who the detainees are, and that family and friends do not have the opportunity to know where they are detained.

“This means that these prisoners are particularly vulnerable, even by Chinese standards. The report concludes that a large number are killed to order when there is a need for transplantation organs, both for Chinese patients and organ tourists.”

Making the Crimes Illegal at a Global Level

Matas told the author of the articles that many organ recipients did not know where the organs came from.

“But when told, they were deeply shocked. My impression is that many of those I have spoken to would not have accepted the organ if they had known this,” Matas said.

Matas now works on criminalizing the transplantation of illegal organs at a global level.

At the end of the first article, Matas points out the important role that Denmark can play, “Denmark has a great voice when it comes to human rights. The main thing that the Danish government and parliamentarians can do is to persistently and publicly address this issue at the highest levels.”

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Copenhagen, Denmark: Practitioners Address People’s Confusion About Persecution in China

November 12, 2015 | By Minghui correspondent Shu Hui

( Although Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted for their belief in China for 16 years, some people in the West are still unaware. And like so many people in China, even those who have heard about Falun Gong are often confused about the nature and rationale behind the persecution. Below are some conversations that took place over the weekend when Danish practitioners went to downtown Copenhagen telling passersby about Falun Gong.

Pedestrians read posters about Falun Gong in downtown Copenhagen over the weekend.

What Has the Communist Party Done to China?

Many pedestrians read posters about Falun Gong and the suppression in China and agreed to sign a petition in support, but one man in particular said he would not sign the petition. He was from Sweden, and in his 50s.

“Do you have any concerns about this?” asked one practitioner.

“Because you Falun Gong said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will collapse,” he replied, pointing to a poster, “Just think about it—China has over one billion people, wouldn’t such a country be in chaotic without the CCP?”

“I see,” said the practitioner. She then explained that Chinese people did not choose or like the communist party. Instead, the regime was forced upon Chinese. Through the past few decades when the CCP is in the power, it has mistreated a large portion of Chinese people in various political campaigns.

“Right now, almost everyone dislikes the Party,” added the practitioner.

“Well, if Falun Gong has not done anything wrong, why does the CCP ban it then?”

The practitioner thus went on to explained the principles of Falun Gong, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, as well the mind and body improvement it brings to so many who practice it. “The Party promotes violence and struggle, which contradicts Falun Gong’s principles. The CCP likes to control people, and it would ban anything in its way, regardless good or bad.”

In the end, the man nodded, “What you said makes sense. I will sign the petition.”

Two people sign petitions to support Falun Gong in efforts to end the persecution.

China: A Totalitarian Society

After one Danish man signed a petition calling to end the atrocity in China, he did not leave.

“Please tell me, Jiang Zemin is just one person—how could he start a nationwide suppression like this?” he asked.

“Chinese politics is different from democratic society,” answered the practitioner. Top leaders, such as Mao or Jiang, have dictatorial power and may give orders above the law, “We saw the Cultural Revolution in the past, and then the suppression of democratic movement at Tiananmen Square in 1989.”

“No wonder Eastern Europe gave up on communism,” the man said before he left, “With so many lawsuits against Jiang, I think we know what will happen in China next.”

One practitioner explains to passersby the severe human rights violation in China.

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Denmark: Public Support for Lawsuit Against Former Chinese Dictator in China

September 11, 2015 | By Minghui correspondent Shu Hui in Denmark

( The recent wave of lawsuits against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin has received support in Denmark. Practitioners held a signature drive on Copenhagen City Hall Square on August 29, 2015 to raise awareness about the lawsuits being filed.

Since May 2015 over 165,000 Falun Gong practitioners and their families from Mainland China and throughout the world have filed lawsuits against Jiang for launching and directing the persecution of Falun Gong.

According to Chinese law, any individual with knowledge of a crime can report it to the Chinese Supreme Procuratorate and Court.

Acting on this law, many people in the Asia-Pacific area have signed criminal report forms in the last two months, echoing the lawsuits.

Similar signature campaigns are also taking place in Europe. Many people in Denmark signed criminal report forms to support the movement to bring Jiang to justice.

Signature drive at Copenhagen City Hall Square



Many people talked to practitioners and signed criminal report forms to support lawsuits against Jiang Zemin

Help Raising Awareness of Forced Organ Harvesting

A flight attendant from KLM Airline was shocked upon learning that the Chinese regime sanctions forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. “It’s intolerable, and must be stopped,” she said. “I’ll post this information on social media and tell all my colleagues about it.”

Two women and their colleagues signed criminal report forms and a petition prepared by DAFOH (Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting), calling for an end to the forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. One of them returned after a while. She said she wanted to get more people to support this signature drive. She took Falun Gong informational DVDs and other materials with her.

Supporting Bringing the Chief Culprit to Justice

An older man, whose feet were in pain and had plagued him for years, had been looking for a traditional oriental method to alleviate his pain. He was drawn by the practitioners’ peaceful and gentle exercise demonstration. A practitioner told him that Falun Dafa has benefited millions of people physically and mentally with its tenets of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and the five sets of exercises.

After he learned about Falun Dafa and the persecution that practitioners have been subjected to in China, and the recent tide of filing lawsuits against Jiang Zemin, the man signed the criminal report form to express his support for the lawsuit against Jiang.

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